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12 Oct · St. Patrick's R.C. Primary School · No Comments

St Patricks Superstars – 12th October 2018

Every week we celebrate the success of students who have stood out! Each class teacher chooses a student to be their superstar of the week. This can be for amazing effort and attitude or for an exceptional piece of work.

Congratulations to the children that have 'shone' this week in class.

Reception Friday Superstars!

Aidan Abbott who has worked really hard on his Phonics.

Year 1 Friday Superstars!

Caitlin Garcia has been superb at recognising symbols in Baptism.

Year 2 Friday Superstars!

Hayley Blacklock has been studying hard at recognising symbols in Baptism.

Year 3 Friday Superstars!

Layla Machin has been superb with putting co-ordinating conjunctions into sentences.

Year 4 Friday Superstars!

Ryley McLaughlin has produced a stunning Prayer Card in Religious Studies.

Year 5 Friday Superstars!

Sebastian Fowler is the Reading Star of the week for the Reading at home programme.

Year 6 Friday Superstars!

Michael Hackett has produced an amazing advert for a Flying broomstick! He also has a catchy tune for the advert too!

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