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8 Jun · St. Patrick's R.C. Primary School · No Comments

Every Friday we will be showcasing some of our students best work. Please help us congratulate the individual students on their achievements. Children’s work is nominated for the outstanding effort made whether it be hand writing, solving mathematical problems, art work or historical research. Work hard everyone to get your work on display!

This Friday’s Superstars are:

Reception Friday Superstars!

Caitlin Garcia has wrote a superb piece of extended writing about the Seaside

Year 1 Friday Superstars!

Saphia Rooks has written an excellent letter to save Little Red Riding Hood as part of her extended writing

Ashton Johnson has written a great letter to rescue Little Red Riding Hood

Year 1 have been Building Castles in History

Year 3/4 Friday Superstars!

Oliver Tucker has worked hard on his Mathematics

Year 4/5 Friday Superstars!

Jessica Howe, Sebastian Billington Fowler, and Jaidan Hodgson have been making Lever Crocs in Technology

Year 5/6 Friday Superstars!

Robyn Giles and Alexandra Burns have produced stunning half portraits in Art

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