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Contact with Parents


Parents can always make an appointment to discuss queries, concerns or their child’s progress with their class teacher or the Head Teacher. This system ensures parents and teachers become partners in promoting the child’s learning and well-being.


There are two formal parent teacher meetings organised in the Autumn and Spring Terms, followed by a written report in July. There is an option for a further meeting, following the written report, should parents request it.



Reports for Pupils and Parents


All pupils will receive an annual progress report in July, which will include teacher assessment and test results, where appropriate.



Helping in School


We warmly welcome parents and carers (grandparents etc) who would like to help with school activities. To meet the necessary safeguarding requirements, volunteers must undergo checks. Please contact the office for further details.



Friends of St Patrick’s


We have a very active parents’ group at St Patrick’s. The ‘Friends of St Patrick’s’ parents group is instrumental in organising events to raise funds for the school. These funds contribute to improving the education for all our children in school. All parents automatically become members of the group when their child starts school. For more information, please contact the school office.



Parent Information Evenings


We aim to keep parents as up to date as possible with education and school initiatives and run Information Evenings throughout the year in order to do so. We hold information evenings for parents of Year 6 and Year 2 children regarding SAT’s and have also held reading and maths information evenings over the last year.



Open Days


Parents are invited to come into school on Open Days where they can participate with their child in learning during lessons.

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